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How Well Known Is "The Truck On HiWay 96"

We weren't exactly lost, but we were off the route.  Going east on Hiway 96 from Bonaire takes you through Jeffersonville. It's not really a hard route to follow. Take a right at the tracks and a left at the first road. That's it. Nothing tricky. And the signs are there to point you the way.  But I depend on GPS and Google Maps. The connection there was poor and directions were sluggish.
So I Missed The Sign A couple miles down the road I noticed something. I hadn't seen a Hiway 96 marker since leaving Jeffersonville. I saw SR80 and 19, but no GA-96. I figured I had missed a turn, but wasn't sure where. I decided to get directions. So I pulled into the first gas station we came to. There was a woman exiting the store. I asked her if she knew how to get to Hiway 96. She began thinking about the best route. Meanwhile, I needed to 'see a guy about a horse'. I excused myself and went inside..
The Guy At The Counter Gave Me The Directions So I headed out to my …

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