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The Swanson - Perry Georgia

We hadn't been to The Swanson in a couple of years. By couple of years, I mean over four. Not that we didn't want to visit. We just didn't hadn't taken the time. We hope that doesn't happen again. It's too good of a restaurant to not experience regularly. We got there on a Thursday a little after noon.  The wait was less than five minutes. Once seated we were welcomed by our server Savannah. Who is, just so you know… awesome. Savannah got our water while we looked over the menu. She also brought us a plate of their signature Cheese Biscuits. How Was The Reception? Everything looked great and the biscuits were warm and wonderful. We finished them off pretty quickly. Savannah asked if we wanted another round. Of course we accepted her offer. By the time she got back we had decided. Cheryl's Order Cheryl ordered the Swanson House Salad for $8.49 It's a fresh spring mix, feta cheese, Georgia pecans, bacon, and feta cheese salad, with champagn

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