Hiway 96 - And Tomorrow We Ride - Day 3

Day 3 - The HiWay 96 Project

Today was a super productive day. Not only did we get the Google My Business listing done, but we  did the Facebook page as well. So things are moving along at a great pace.

Google My Business

Creating the listing was easy. Getting prepared for it, not so much. There's a lot of information that has to be gathered in order to complete it correctly. You can find the video in a private group on Facebook. It's the Sales Training And Networking group. The group is there to help others learn how to use technology.

What About This Project?

Well, it's being used to show the effectiveness of planning your online strategy. Think of it like a big jigsaw puzzle.  It's important to know where all the pieces are. If you're missing a piece, the puzzle will not be complete.

Tomorrow's Agenda

We will be riding east of 41 north, on Hiway 96. Here's a link to the exact location on Google Maps.  The plan is to take as many pictures and videos as we can. We will be using them to help determine what to paint next on this Hiway 96 Project!

These blog posts are created using Stan Bush's Area 51 reports. Like everything that he does, Stan has made it easy to get work done. Area 51's are not about aliens. Area 51's get their name from this phrase "Five Minutes to Write, One Minute to Read". Set a timer for Five Minutes...and type away. It doesn't get any easier than that.


  1. Love this project. Love the concept. Love that you and Cheryl have brought both your passions together to create something memorable.

    1. Hey... thanks Jackie. I just saw the comment. We are really having a good time. Should have been doing it a while ago. This very well could be my last project, although I woudn't call it that. It's really a ton of fun. Glad to see your comment btw... I appreciate the support.. as alway...
      Peace, Love, And Understanding...
      I'll Cya Down The Road.


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