Hiway 96 - The Original Sugar Shack - Day 5

Day 5 - The HiWay 96 Project

Yes. I Am Aware Of That! 
On the very remote chance that you're following this blog, I'm back. Actually, I've never left. There's just a tremendous amount of work being done here. There's the taking of pictures, creating the Instagram post (Cheryl does those), scheduling the next drive, and much much more. 

Take The Map For Example

If you look under the menus now, you'll see a map. That map is created in Google MyMaps. The idea behind it is to be able to easily find the places we visit. And mark them in a way that we can return to them. That means that the GPS on the cameras and phones must be turned on. And then, you can use the co-ordinates to add it to the map. That doesn't add it to 'Google Maps" though. It just adds it to this map. So in order to get real search results for this, there needs to be more things done. Stuff like using the places api to link to the picture. Or adding a link from the image, to the photo on the map. All sorts of things. And to do that without breaking some sort of requirements involving Google's search algorithm... that's not so easy. Because really, this isn't about the search. It's about the documentation of interesting spots on this highway. 

Valuable Links Only

You see, I'm not building 'backlinks'. I'm creating links that lead to interesting places. Or interesting people and stories. Which leads me to the title of this post. 

I'm Not Going To Try And Get All Technical On This Blog

Nope. Instead, I'm going to write about the interesting things that are happening. For example offers of airplane and helicopter rides along the route. And allowing others to add their photos to this map. Things that are collaborative in nature, but provide valuable information. Valuable to those that are looking for it at least. And so far, it appears to be working. The views are going up, and the inquiries are as well. Selling the first painting is going great too. So, this is a good plan! 
So you can look for more 'stories' on this site now. 

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These blog posts are created using Stan Bush's Area 51 reports. Like everything that he does, Stan has made it easy to get work done. Area 51's are not about aliens. Area 51's get their name from this phrase "Five Minutes to Write, One Minute to Read". Set a timer for Five Minutes...and type away. It doesn't get any easier than that.


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