Hiway 96 - Let's Start In The East - Day 4

Day 4 - The HiWay 96 Project

Beginning With The End In Mind

We knew when we left this morning where we were going. To the eastern end of Hiway 96 (SR96) and back. We would take notes on the way there. Then stop and take pictures of the places that interested us. So that's what we did.

US 41 As A Dividing Line

We live in Byron, Ga. That's in Houston County. And we are a few blocks off of US-41. 41 runs North To South in Houston County. Hiway 96 runs East to West. The intersection of these two roads isn't far from us. So we decided to use it as a dividing line for our project. I suppose I-75 would have been easier, but US 41 came to mind first. (We may move it). 

Today Was About The Eastern Side

After taking care of the morning tasks at the office, we headed out. Driving south on 41, we took a left on Hiway 96.  Everything went well until we got to Jeffersonville. To stay on 96, you take a right when you get to the water tower. Then a couple of blocks down later, you take a left. There's a sign to help you. But Cheryl and I were having fun and simply missed it. 

So A Couple Of Miles Later...

We pulled into a convenience store for directions. We ran into two very helpful people. One of them was a 79 year old walking Gazeteer. His name was David and he was the most interesting thing we found. I'll write a blog about that on my other website - StanBush.Net. I can't cover that much storytelling in a five minute post. :-)

With David's Help...

We arrived at the eastern end of Hiway 96. We snapped some very interesting pictures on our way back. Cheryl will be creating a short movie about them soon. I'll be using them in the images at the top of these posts. And Cheryl will be painting them soon. 
Time's up. Gotta go. 

If you have any suggestions of interesting places, please let us know by putting them in the comments below. We may even send you a print should we decide to use your suggestion.

Peace, Love, and Understanding.
We'll Cya'll Down The Road
Stan And Cheryl Bush 

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