Three Steps On How To Use The HiWay 96 Map

Points of Interest on GA-96

There's a lot of things going on with HiWay 96. Not only does it have a list of the businesses on GA-96, it also has some of the 'points of interest' along the historic road.
And There Are A LOT Of Interesting Places
So we've been working on adding those places to the map.  We think this will give you more information about these place, so you might want to visit them. Actually, we would love to get YOUR suggestions for places. And we want your pictures too. This is just the first step to being able to accomplish this.

Here's How To Use The Map

So, if you decide you want to visit one of these points of interest, this is all you have to do.

  1. Go to
  2. In the left hand navigation click the box next to "Points Of Interest - -for map. "
    When you enable this, you'll see the markers for the location.
  3. Enabling "Directions From Hiway 96 Most Western Point will give you a complete map, along with buttons to provide you the directions. 
Once you get to the directions page you can print it, send it to your phone, email, or even text it to you. Then just use it as a guide as you drive that map!

Peace, Love, And Understanding.
We'll Cy'all Down The road

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