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HiWay 96 - Let The Road Trip Begin - Day 1

Five minutes isn't a long time. So I'll get right to  it.  Everything about this blog is both temporary, scalable, and easy. A couple of things that I've decided 'on the fly' during it's creation. I'm not going to struggle with content. I'm just going to tell you what's going on. And that's it. What was accomplished, what wasn't, goals.. the whole nine yards. Just in five minute increments. I'm using the 'blogger' platform. Others will tell you to use Wordpress. That's cool. I've used Wordpress. For this one, I'll be using blogger. Because I'm pretty sure this won't be the final version of this site. We need ecommerce, videos, and a whole lot more tools. They seem sort of clutzy here. But on the upside, it's very easy to use. I'm not struggling with a color theme. I'm using the colors of the Grand Old Flag of the USA. Red, White, and Blue. So that's settles it for me. At least for now..I can mo…

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